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History of Vent

Vent, the oldest village in the Oetztal, was mentionned for the first time in the year 1241. The first hermits came from South Tyrol, looked after their sheeps and made Vent to their home.

But many more years ago the borders to Italy were already much frequented. Hunters, shepherds and traders used the mountains to come to Vent. Not everybody suvived how the sensationally discovery of Ötzi prooves. Beside this trove some archeological findings occupy a stoneaged hunters reservoir. This reservoir was used 7.600 before Christ. At "Hoheler Stein" some stoneaged tracks of hunters were found as well. Consequently it's obvious that Ötzi found a spot in Vent for his adventures. In other words Vent was well known for hunters in the time before Christ already. In the early Bronze age many shepherds used Vent as a home for their animals. After some time some settlement from the south started.

Vent was a municipality on its own, which was part of the council of Kastelbell in Vinschgau. In 1854 Vent became finally a part of Soelden. Nowadays Vent is a fraction of the municipality Soelden.

"Rofenhöfe" (2.014 m), the highest populated village of the eastern Alps, had many privileges in past. On the one hand the inhabitants didn't have to pay any taxes and on the other hand they could grant asylum. For that reason duke Friedrich IV. was looking for protection in Vent in the 15th century.

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