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Our farm

With great joy to nature we operate our own farm. In our stable we have beside the tyrolean "Grauvieh" (grey alpine cows) as well tyrolean sheeps and Haflinger horses. Most of the animals spend their summer in the alpine meadows.

Awards and prices proof our excellent breeding. On the one side we take care of our animals and on the other side we are farming about 60 ha meadows in Längenfeld and Soelden. The hard harvested hay is the feed for the animals all over the winter.

The housemade milk guarantees high quality and it is offered in our pension. The milk is used to produce local cheese, quark and butter for our great breakfast buffet. For sure we also offer homemade bacon, ham and further other delicious meals for breakfast or dinner.

In winter our the horses carry our carriage through the winter wonderland. The sheep's wool is used for carpets, slippers, huts and gloves. Two times a year the wool is brought to the sheep wool factory in Umhausen and is processed there.

Thanks to the special location, our farm is different to all other farmyards you have ever seen. If you're in the mood to explore our farm, we offer a guided tour to all our guests.

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